Bodybuilder sues Crime Stoppers over ‘incorrect’ post - Herald Sun

A MUSLIM cleric whose supporters engaged in wild brawls outside a Victorian mosque has lost an unfair dismissal case.

An amateur body builder is suing Crime Stoppers claiming he was publicly mocked by a social media post which wrongly accused him of a $400 ‘dine and dash’.
George Agrofylakos has launched defamation proceedings against the crime watch organisation, claiming CCTV images of himself were plastered online – accusing him of a crime he never committed.

Mr Agrofylakos and three other men were photographed leaving a Southbank restaurant in December 2018, with the images posted on Facebook last year asking members of the public to help identify the group.

““Dine and dash? More like dine and dash and caught on film!” the Facebook post stated.

Mr Agrofylakos said friends, family and members of the body building community quickly recognised him and cruel trolling from the public ensued.

“Just a bunch of thieves hope someone dobs them in,” one comment read.

“ha ha caught on camera ya germs, turn yourselves in you bottom feeders!”

MrAgrofilakos says he was trolled by the public.
Mr Agrofylakos said the way Crime Stoppers worded the post was intended to invite mockery.

“(It) was intended to sensationalise the story by reference to factually incorrect and mocking or contemptuous expressions to increase the interest readers thereby sacrificing the reputation of (Mr Agrofylakos),” a statement of claim states.

He is seeking aggravated damages, claiming the post remained online for six weeks and was able to be viewed Australia-wide.

The writ states Crime Stoppers failed to make adequate inquiries into the accuracy of the claims and was written with the “express purpose of damaging the credibility and reputation of (Mr Agrofylakos)”.

Barrister James Catlin said his client was “horrified” by the post.

“A surge in Facebook Defamation cases is inevitable because it is still a wild west environment in terms of editorial and error control,” Mr Catlin said.

“The Crimestoppers page strangely invites people to disparage and mock those photographed in it,” he said.

Mr Agrofylakos is also seeking costs and is still waiting for an apology.


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