Bankruptcy Specialist

Bankruptcy Specialist

Liquidation, Insolvency and Bankruptcy

James regularly has appeared before Associate Justices Efthim and Randall in liqudation matters and in the Federal Court Bankruptcy jurisdiction and has conducted trading while insolvent proceedings. He has recently appeared at Liquidators examinations in the Supreme Court and appealed the decision of an administrator in the Federal Court. He appeared in the Full Court appeal on sequestration orders in decision of O’Meara v Hitwise [2007] FCAFC 114) and also in Tarrant v Statewide Secured Investments Pty Ltd [2012] FCA 582 (6 June 2012)

In Conalpin Pty Ltd and Dolmear Pty Ltd and Ross McDermott VSC [2012] 2905 James set aside the liquidators fees in toto on the grounds of conflict of interest. see judgement here

Chuanmei Lu v Grandland Property Ptd  S ECI 2021 01479 – resist appointment of provisional liquidator, s.232 Oppression


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