Going to court & FAQ's

Going to Court & FAQ'S

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GOING TO COURT - Tips & Frequently asked Questions

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1. There are more cases than Judges/Magistrates...
2. The Magistrate (Magistrates’ Court) is addressed as “Your Honour”...
3. Oral evidence you give from witness box should be addressed to...
4. You cannot take cues on what type of answer you should give....
5. The whole truth is not just the law - it is the safest course.
6. Have you signed a witness statement ?
7. The course of evidence is that the Plaintiff leads its witnesses first..
8. What is the best way to give evidence ?
9. Cross examination - everyone’s fear.
10. Cross Examination Traps
11. Have you already made sworn statements such as answers
12. Justice is blind - help it in the sense..
13. Is it safe to reveal tax evasion in your evidence ?
14. Settling: 80% of cases do settle


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